“…Among the exhibition’s standouts are two works by Maria Karametou, who prints photographs on tea bags. Mounted under glass along with a few stray hairs, the artist’s “Smooth” and “Time” reference the cycle of life, with the inherent fugitive nature of her medium underscoring in poetic fashion, the impermanence of our own existence”...


         Michael O’ Sullivan, Art Critic, The Washington Post




“A teabag is a teabag is a teabag… Maria Karametou ’s work challenges not only this basic assumption, but how we look at art –and photography- as well. Paired with decoratively arranged hair clippings and manipulated black and white images, her teabags happily defy the limitations of conventional photographic practice. Collage, language, found objects, and digital processing…. they’ re all fair game in this radical exploration of creative possibility…. Karametou throws the whole epistemological project of photography out the window, reveling instead in an investigation that is at once provocative, eclectic, and deeply poetic.”


                   Claudia Bohn – Spector, Independent Curator