…. But the real excitement here is in Karametou’s exhibition on the first floor. She’s come up with couple of terrific pieces that combine narrative painting and some unusual sculptural elements. “The Life and Times of Techno Bob” consists of a series of small paintings executed on computer mice that she’s mounted on the wall. The paintings tell the story of Bob, a young denizen of today’s wired, Wall Street-obsessed world, as he goes through his frenzied life, talking on the cell phone, working out, sipping high-octane java and geeking on his laptop.

The mice and the pictures form a jagged line that goes up and down the wall like the Dow Jones Industrial Average, hitting bottom on the floor in a mouse painting bearing the words “Crash, Boom”. Fortunately, life goes on and the paintings end with Bob back on the upswing. It’s a whimsical, poignant piece, art, life and the business page

hyperlinked on the same roller coaster.”


 Ferdinand Protzman, Art Critic, The Washington Post