“…archetypal examinations of our relationship to time and eternity”.


Lee Fleming, Art Critic

“…in its quiet way, this is the most moving work in the show”.
  John Dorsey, Art Critic, The Baltimore Sun
“…succeed(s) by embodying the pathos of struggle and loss in simple forms, producing works that are strong but not schmaltzy”.
Adam Lerner, The New Art Examiner
“…but the real excitement here is in Karametou’s exhibition on the first floor”.
  Ferdinand Protzman, Art Critic, The Washington Post
“… intellectually provocative, visually arresting commentaries..”
           Lee Fleming, Art Critic
“...prepare to spend time here- one cannot just look at these works; they compel a more intense interaction”.      
Rima Schulkind, “Must See”, KOAN

 “…the combination of invention and skillful rendering create unique interpretations”.

Cristina Manucy, Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts
“…this is a thought- provoking show whose work in this context reveals a layered and complex vision of ourselves”.
Lenore D. Miller, The Washington Review
“… The upstairs show is the interesting one here.. Maria (Karametou) has undertaken a substantial departure from her last show.. and it’s all to the good”.
   Tom Weisser, “The City Paper

“...Karametou’s imagery speaks of the relics left behind through the stillness of the ages as a testament to the continuum of life. The collective dream. The private story".

    Barbara Johnson, EyeWash
“… the series speaks of a modern life and its ironic juxtapositions of the banal and the terrifying…”
    Beth Joselow, The Washington Review
“..Maria Karametou ‘s work is responsible, personal and inventive. At the same time however, one has to also admire the deep understanding this creator has of her media, as well as of the materials she uses for each body of work…”
Dora Iliopoulou – Rogan, Art Critic (Translated from the Greek)